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Celebrating LOVE

The most universal value is Love but there is a paradox: we only see fragments of all the love that surrounds us wether it is friendship, family, spiritual love or romance.
Wikilove's solution is: we need to celebrate love in order to make it visible.
Wikilove's strategy is both online (the "wikipedia" of love) and offline (kiss flasmobs around the world).

The first collaborative encyclopedia of Love was initiated in 2013 by Alexis de Maud'huy in Switzerland as a wedding gift for his wife. (see article from the goodwebguide).

Presentation of wikilove - Official launch of wikilove - Selfie with Jimmy Wales.jpg

Within a few months online, Wikilove had empowered users/contributors from 10,000 cities in 200 countries (source: Google analytics).

With more than 700 000 web pages categorized inside 500 000 tags, Wikilove is already the largest website specialized on Love. The main objective of Wikilove is to connect every Word, Name, Event and Topic to Emotions through songs, movie extracts, images, quotes or links to scientific articles.

Mainstream sexual content is allowed IF it has some kind of cultural or pedagogical value (artworks, non-X rated movies scenes, sexual education material, etc). Users are not allowed to upload any porn content. If you see any of them, please report to wikilove adminitrators.

In order to help you discover the great diversity of perspectives on Love, Wikilove organizes the content with typologies. For example, we suggest 100 different kinds of kisses, 100 different types of tenderness, 100 different subarticles about Sex and the City TV show or 35 types of Pin-up girls.

What can you do on Wikilove?

- You can search for the songs, movie extracts or pictures that resonate with your current emotional bond or emotional challenge. Find inspiration with the existing content about an unlimited number of emotional bonds, love rituals, emotional challenges, gestures, social situations, feelings, locations, artworks or artists.

- If you don't find the content that inspire you, please feel free to upload on Wikilove what you think is the relevant cultural references in order to share them with the rest of the community of wikilovers! Wikilove promotes cultural diversity and curiosity but please respect our Non-porn content policy and also our Copyright Policy. Have a look on our Terms of Service.

- You can share your favorite pictures, youtube videos, quote or links as long as they have some cultural value and are related to a specific emotional bond, love ritual or emotional challenge.

- You can also build a complete article on Wikilove in order to connect one Name, Word or Topic to Love and Emotions through Songs, Movie extracts, Quotes, Images or the links to blogs or scientific articles.

Let´s create Wikilove events all over the world!

- In addition to promoting Love on the Internet, Wikilove aims to becoming the worldwide hub for public displays of affection (kiss flashmobs, free hugs and many other love celebrations). You can organize your own wikilove event in your chosen location, make it known through Wikilove and then upload your pictures and youtube videos on Wikilove: Empower yourself, friends, neighbors and even complete strangers to celebrate what and who they love! The only constraint is that a Wikilove event has to be open to everyone.

- For the official launch of Wikilove during the Valentine's Day 2014, we organized a free-to-all-kiss-flashmob in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris. We had hundreds of people hugging or kissing the ones they love. The press coverage was huge with among others, a TV report from China (Phoenix TV) and an image in the New York Times (see Wikilove Press Coverage).

- In 2015, Wikilove will launch « The Minute of Love » project. This grassroots movement empowers everyone into paying tribute to the ones he/she loves wether they are lovers, friends, pets or family at a very specific minute: February 14 at 1:01 PM. The official launch will be on Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy during the 2015 carnival. Everyone is welcome to participate to the world's greatest kiss in! If you can't make it, you can organize a similar event in your own town so that we can create a global vibration of love!

Videos about the official launch of Wikilove the 02.14.2014@02:14

  • wikilove.com kiss flashmob louvre pyramide

Keywords: The first encyclopedia of love Kiss flashmob The Louvre Trumpet brass band Music and Romance

  • Press coverage of the Launch of Wikilove.com

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