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An advance page lesson to a great Wikilove article with information to more technical concept of contents, elements, complicated syntax to advance tab or section feature, keywords structuring and links to sources of relevant references.

A way for a great Wikilove article is to know first the diversity of love, the emotional bond of people involved and find the related cultural references.

After that, a user must find the beauty and meaning of Wikilove, how it ought to lighten up the heart, bring happy thoughts and touch lives by spreading love through people's articles and what elements are there for the user to know in order to do so. For people to live love, love life.

The user must be artistic to display emotions in an article's contents and be explicit as to what he or she will put on each sections or tabs much to be more expressive to its love related references, for without it the user's article would be dull and pointless to express the idea of love in a subject or topic.

Furthermore, the user will determine the following emotions expressed in a topic, the gestures often made, the relationship involved, the related object and common experiences and moments happen in that topic. For these will be the sub-articles of the main article.


To start an article the user must ask a question of 'What if' he or she is in the same shoes as someone who loves the topic of an article or in the user's perspective why he or she loves someone or something thus exposing himself to the feelings or emotional bond involved with reference to the general idea and experience of a related circumstance.

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