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From Middle English dome, dom, from Old English {{ang|dōm||judgement}}, from Proto-Germanic {{gem-pro|*dōmaz}}, from Proto-Indo-European {{ine-pro|*dʰóh₁mos}}. Compare West Frisian doem, Dutch [[doem#|doem]], Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish [[dom#|dom]], Icelandic [[dómur#|dómur]]. See also {{en|deem}}.



Doom (plural [[~#|~]])
  1. Destiny, especially terrible.
  2. An ill fate; an impending severe occurrence or danger that seems inevitable.
  3. A feeling of danger, impending danger, darkness or despair.
  4. (ArticlescountableArticles, historical) A law.
  5. (ArticlescountableArticles, historical) A judgment or decision.
  6. (ArticlescountableArticles, historical) A sentence or penalty for illegal behaviour.
    • J. R. Green
      The first dooms of London provide especially the recovery of cattle belonging to the citizens.
    • Template:Quote-book
  7. Death.
    They met an untimely doom when the mineshaft caved in.
  8. (Articlessometimes capitalized) The Last Judgment; or, an artistic representation of it.

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Doom (third-person singular simple present [[Dooms#|Dooms]], present participle [[Dooming#|Dooming]], simple past and past participle [[Doomed#|Doomed]])
  1. To pronounce sentence or judgment on; to condemn.
    a criminal doomed to death
    • Dryden
      Absolves the just, and dooms the guilty souls.
  2. To destine; to fix irrevocably the ill fate of.
    • Macaulay
      A man of genius .{{#invoke:String|rep| .|2}} doomed to struggle with difficulties.
  3. (Articlesobsolete) To judge; to estimate or determine as a judge.
  4. (Articlesobsolete) To ordain as a penalty; hence, to mulct or fine.
    • Shakespeare
      Have I tongue to doom my brother's death?
  5. (ArticlesarchaicArticles, USArticles, New England) To assess a tax upon, by estimate or at discretion.



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