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Mizpah is an emotional bond between people who are separated (either physically or by death). Mizpah jewelrey is worn to signify this bond, and the word "mizpah" can often be found on headstones in cemeteries and on other memorials.

Human bonding is the process of development of a close, interpersonal relationship. It most commonly takes place between family members or friends, but can also develop among groups such as sporting teams and whenever people spend time together. Bonding is a mutual, interactive process, and is different from simple liking.

Human bonding and Love. The human bonding process is the sharing of time, talent and treasure. The sharing cultivates relationships which can range in depth from a social acquaintance to enduring love.

Sensual erotic love is the brain’s response to messages from our senses, that is, our eyes, ears, our olfactory sense and our sense of touch. It is the brain’s response to a fabulous face; a certain smile; the sound of a voice; the touch of a hand; and/or a fragrance. The intense physical attraction, passion and elation that may occur are not the result of directed behavior.

Phileo and agape love. In contrast to sensual erotic love which is spontaneous, phileo and agape love are conscious and deliberative processes. Phileo and agape love take time to evolve and in many respects are like a garden requiring cultivation, nurturing and germination to blossom into a substantive relationship. It is in phileo and agape love that human bonding is critical to the loving relationship. The core qualities of the relationships include the sharing of time, talent and treasure. It is the sharing that is of great importance in the development of the relationship.

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