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Flavor Connect is a dating website that uses candy based descriptions of dating styles to define the type of relationship their members are seeking. The candy flavor approach is unconventional; it is targeted primarily towards college aged singles seeking compatible partners for both short and long term relationships.[1] Flavor Connect was launched in January 2010 and according to their latest press release the site has over 10,000 member subscriptions.[2]



Flavor Connect describes their dating connections as "hookups" and each different type of hookup is associated with a candy flavor.[3]

  • Vanilla/Fidelity (long-term hookup)
  • Strawberry/Fling (short-term hookup)
  • Chocolate/Fantasy (multiple hookup)
  • Lime/Fancy (material hookup)
  • Lemon/Friendship (platonic hookup)
  • Mango/Freestyle (go-with-the-flow hookup)


Registered members at Flavor Connect are provided the opportunity to choose their hookup flavor, they also have the option of changing their flavor without going through a reclassification process. Members also have the option of "speed dating" using a feature called ChatRoulette that allows members to preview potential flavor matches via a random video chat feature eliminating the need to filter through static profiles.[4]


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