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The Big Parade(1925)
The Big Parade is a 1925 American silent film directed by King Vidor and starring John Gilbert, Renée Adorée, Hobart Bosworth, and Claire McDowell.[1][2][3] Adapted by Harry Behn from the play by Joseph Farnham and the autobiographical novel Plumes by Laurence Stallings, the film is about an idle rich boy who joins the US Army's Rainbow Division and is sent to France to fight in World War I, becomes a friend of two working class men, experiences the horrors of trench warfare, and finds love with a French girl.


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The Big Parade was one of the greatest hits of the 1920s earning gross rentals of $4,990,000 in North America and $1,141,000 overseas on a budget of $382,000 during its initial release,[4] with MGM recording a profit of $3.4 million.[5] It played in some larger cities continually for a year or more, boosting Gilbert's career and made Renée Adorée a major star, although Adorée would soon be diagnosed with tuberculosis and die only a few years later. The film ultimately grossed $18–$22 million in worldwide rentals and is sometimes proclaimed as the most successful film of the silent era,[6][7] although it is most likely this record falls to The Birth of a Nation.[8]



John Gilbert as James Apperson
Renée Adorée as Melisande
Hobart Bosworth as Mr. Apperson
Claire McDowell as Mrs. Apperson
Claire Adams as Justyn Reed
Robert Ober as Harry
Tom O'Brien as Bull
Karl Dane as Slim


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