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How to create an account

The first step in order to create or contribute an article in is to create an account. Just click the Sign up button located on the right side of the top of the homepage followed by the login button. After which follow the next steps provided in the video below which are click create account, select the kittens images and fill in the details.

How to login

After creating an account or to login to your account profile just click the Login butto beside the Sign up button on the right side on the top of the homepage. Then log in with your username and password.

How to create an article

To create your first article click on the 'Easy article creation' link at the left side of the page under the 'More links' and following Site indexes menu. After which you will find the page where you will type in your article's or topic's title. Then follow the next steps provided in this video.

How to insert a video

To insert or embed a video under the standard widget syntax you will need to copy the YouTube id that is found after the equals sign (=) of the YouTube links of the video selected. Please refer to this video for references.

How to preload text, images and video

To load simple template (texts, and images and widget syntax) just click load above the Bar options then change the sample file name of images and the YouTube id sample.

How to redirect an article

To redirect a same topic and subject article click on the Advance button on the bar and click on the icon of redirect to load a syntax where the title of article where the subject page will be redirected.

How to create a carrousel

The carrousel is a nicer way to show a image gallery. It is like a slideshow but with a preview. Carrousel is a wikilove article gallery of all love related images of an article. Unlike indexing an image where the Images:filename has two brackets ([[) of the benning and at the end enclosing the filename. In carrousel the syntax is different, the internet users will just first type a less-than sign symbol (<) before the text 'carrousel' and then type the greater-than sign symbol (>).

Then in the following line space, the internet users will now place the file name of the images he or she wish to feature, without the two brackets ([[) unlike in the normal indexing of images. Followed by placing a vertical bar (|) in every end of the filename of images for their descriptions and index their keywords by brackets ([[).

Thereafter, again type a less-than sign symbol (<) followed by a slash (/) before the text 'carrousel' and then type the greater-than sign symbol (>). For more details kindly refer to the video bellow.

How to use the "navbox" template

This is a bit more complex element and should be used by intermediate to advanced users. It is short for 'Navigational box' containing specific subtopics of the main topic group into items and featured according to their group category.

To create a Navbox template place two curly brackets ({{) before the text 'Navbox' and press 'Enter'.

In the next space place a vertical line (|) and press 'Space' and type in the text 'title' then press 'Space' and place an equal sign (=), again press 'Space' and type the title of your main article. Then follow the same step for the next only this time replace the text 'title' to 'name' after the vertical line(|) and again type the title of your main article.

Thereafter, proceed to insert the first group's category after the vertical line (|), the text 'group1' and the equal sign (=).

Then insert the title/link of your subtopics inside the brackets ([[ ]]) and then follow the following for the succeeding groups changing only the numbers of the groups according to their numerical order. Lastly, once all of the categories and subtopics/subarticles are inserted and indexed close the syntax with two curly brackets. Or you can follow the video below.

How to customize your profile

To customize your profile in Wikilove click on the 'Profile' tab located in the top-right side of the main page after log in. Then follow the following steps in the video below.

How to customize your user page

Located inside your 'Profile' page the last tab on the right entitled 'My Personal Page' here you can create anything you want about you and as a contributor of Wikilove.

How to embed Twitter and Instagram posts

Embed tweets and posts by copying codes as shown in the video below. In Twitter, the user will copy the entire code upon clicking the 'Embed' tab located on the right and below the tweet you wish to embed.

For Instagram there is a syntax where you will only copy the link between the two quotation marks (") after clicking the 'Embed' tab. For more details here is a video below to guide you.

How to use tags

To make your article visible to a group of tags or categories where it belongs you'll just tag these tags or categories in your article.

Just type in two brackets () and type in text 'tag' with colon (:) and insert the tag keywords or category you wish to tag and type in two brackets after () the keyword.

How to identify uncommon keyboard characters

Know how and where to find the uncommon characters (|, {, [, #, = and etc.) in your keyboard that will are commonly used in a syntax. Please watch the video below.

How to use the mass uploader

To upload one or more images go to the left corner under the Hot to participate menu and click on the East image uploading text to go to the upload wizard page. From there you will be able to select image or images from your computer then upload them.

After which you will be ask whether the image belongs to you or to other sources which you will select or provide the source in the text box. From the next page you will only fill the descriptions of the image or images then provide the necessary tags related to the images in the Add tags/categories text.

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