How to create a Navbox

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How to use the "navbox" template

It is short for 'Navigational box' containing specific subtopics of the main topic group into items and featured according to their group category.

To create a Navbox template place two curly brackets ({{) before the text 'Nacbox' and press 'Enter'.

In the next space place a vertical line (|) and press 'Space' and type in the text 'title' then press 'Space' and place an equal sign (=), again press 'Space' and type the title of your main article. Then follow the same step for the next only this time replace the text 'title' to 'name' after the vertical line(|) and again type the title of your main article.

Thereafter, proceed to insert the first group's category after the vertical line (|), the text 'group1' and the equal sign (=).

Then insert the title/link of your subtopics inside the brackets ([[ ]]) and then follow the following for the succeeding groups changing only the numbers of the groups according to their numerical order. Lastly, once all of the categories and subtopics/subarticles are inserted and indexed close the syntax with two curly brackets. Or you can follow the video below.

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