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Matching tattoo is one of the sweetest ways that couples, lovers, and friends have to express their love and attachment to each other. It expresses connection and the need of one another to complete and fill the missing piece. When we love, we always want our partner to be with us, to stay beside us and make us feel complete. Matching tattoo is a mark on the skin that would be meaningless if the other is missing. Though we cannot foresee what the future holds and if in the future the one that completes us would stay or leave, a lot of lovers still wants to have a matching tattoo as they are so in love at the moment and sometimes it is a painful mark for some who's relationship did not work, a mark that reminds them of the past, the promises, the plans and the bitter-sweet memories.


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Matching tattoo are becoming increasingly popular on couples for it shows the strong connection between them...the feeling of oneness and togertherness

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Its a chemistry thing having matching tattoo for some lovers for them to take it as eternity

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I am a canvas of my experiences, my story is etched in lines and shading,
Wear your heart on your skin in this life.
Goodreads, Sylvia Plath

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