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Metaknowledge (uncountable)

  1. (Articlesphilosophy) Knowledge about knowledge itself.
    • 2005, Nicholas Rescher, Epistemic Logic: A Survey of the Logic of Knowledge, ISBN 9780822961307, p. 20 (Google preview):
      Metaknowledge is knowledge about knowledge. . . . The hallmark of metaknowledge is its being a matter of knowing propositions in which one K[nowledge]-operator occurs within the scope of another. Knowledge about someone's ignorance thus counts as metaknowledge.
  2. (Articles
36px Subject classification: this is a psychology resource .
) Knowledge about types, domains, functions, or preconditions of knowledge.
    • 1996, Reiko Hayashi, Cognition, Empathy & Interaction (Advances in Discourse Processes, Vol 54), ISBN 9781567502206, p. 22 (Google preview):
      The acts of monitoring, hypothesizing, and verifying are internal work which require a person's metaknowledge or knowledge concerning what kind of knowledge is needed and how that knowledge is appropriately used in the situation.
    • 2004, Andy Clark, Natural-Born Cyborgs: Minds, Technologies, and the Future of Human Intelligence, ISBN 9780195177510, p. 67 (Google preview):
      Meta-knowledge is knowledge about how to acquire and exploit information, rather than basic knowledge about the world.zh:metaknowledge
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