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Nek minnit (next minute; alternatively negg minute) is an Internet meme made popular by New Zealand skateboarder Levi Hawken. Hawken appeared in a viral video which shows his scooter, apparently destroyed outside a dairy.[1] The "nek minnit" video spawned many parodies and has become a popular slang term among the people of New Zealand and Australia.

The video

Levi Hawken is a skateboarder from Dunedin, New Zealand who suffers from ectodermal dysplasia. The condition caused his hair and teeth to grow abnormally, which resulted in him to be bullied as a child. In the "nek minnit" video, Hawken appears shirtless with a shaven head; his missing teeth have also been noted by many viewers.[2] The video takes place in a Fairfield, Otago skatepark;[3] Hawken announces, "Left my scooter outside the dairy; nek minnit ...", the camera then tilts to show Hawken's broken scooter.[4] The nine-second-long clip was recorded for South in Your Mouth, an independent skate film by Colin Evans, Hawken's friend; however, the "nek minute" video was uploaded separately.[1] The video was popularised in mid-2011, and was viewed on YouTube 600,000 times by late September 2011;[4] at December 2011, the video had received over 1.5 million views.[3] By April 2014, it had reached 2,9 million. The phrase "nek minute" was the sixth most searched term in New Zealand on internet search engine Google in 2011,[3] and was voted the runner-up in the 2011 "Word of the Year" poll by website Public Address.[5]


The TV3 show The Jono Project ran a segment on one episode titled Food in a Nek Minnit each segment featured Levi Hawken and parodied the advertisements seen weeknights on TV One called Food in a Minute. The first clip had Hawken cooking a rather complex dish in a minute. A later clip had Hawken cooking two-minute noodles and after saying Nek minnit, Hawken decided the noodles might need another minute. Hawken also appears in a separate parody of another TV3 show, "60 Nek Minnits" (a parody of "60 Minutes"), as "Mike McMinnits" (instead of "Mike McRoberts").

The phrase nek minnit has been parodied by many people and organisations:

  • Conservative Party had billboards with "Nek minnit, Conservatives" written on them.[2]
  • New Zealand Labour Party referenced a YouTube video of the then NZ Prime Minister John Key, who was shown during the previous general election promising not to raise GST and then subsequently doing so after being elected.[8][9]


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