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'Partying It is a social leisure mostly held at night, where one pleasures himself at a party or other lively gathering, by dancing, drinking with friends, talking and listening to music.


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In the sea of strangers at a party, one can find love through acquaintances and by fortunate chances that may either start at hello, a glance, a stare and dance that in few occasions, ends up with a kiss. Partying is an expression of being free, and an act of pleasuring oneself through drinks, friends, music and companionship.

It is a socially fun and recreational opportunity that bonds family, friends and people indiscriminately through music, rhythm, talks and drinks.

  • Garden State Movie

Keywords: Partying, Drugs, Seduction, Troubled

  • Can't Hardly Wait (2/8) Movie CLIP - I Can't Believe She Came (1998) HD

Keywords: Partying, Popularity, House Party, Crush, Attraction, Happiness

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Keywords: Partying, Having Fun, Concert,Popularity

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