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Template:Infobox Website Sparkology is an exclusive online dating service "that caters to young and successful professionals in the metropolitan scene."[1] named Sparkology as the "best elite site" for online dating.



Founder Alex Furmansky launched Sparkology in October 2011, with under $500,000 in seed funding. Sparkology was originally exclusive to New York City,[2] but now includes Washington D.C.[3][4] and has plans to expand to Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.[5]

As of April 2013, 7,000 people had joined the site and two Sparkology couples have gotten engaged.[6]

Methodology and membership

Images:Sparkology Invitations.jpg
Sparkology invitations for new members

Sparkology takes a more exclusive approach to online dating that seeks to focus on service and quality. The community is invite-only and men must be verified graduates of top universities as a means to filter out some of the pitfalls of other online dating services: dead accounts, fake profiles and spam. Regarding the site's model, Sparkology's Furmansky said, "The opportunity lies in focusing on a specific demographic and offering them a superior experience that a middle-market behemoth could never match."[7]

The site's pricing structure seeks to further encourage quality. Women members buy monthly subscriptions while men purchase "spark packs."[7] Sparkology describes spark packs as the "virtual currency to initiate conversations that eliminates unwanted impersonal e-mails. Women receive meaningful interactions from men that are genuinely interested, while men no longer need to spam dozens of profiles to get a response."[1]

Sparkology also employs special behavioral algorithms to help match members and also has city concierges that can help write a member's profile or plan and book member dates.[1]

Reception named Sparkology as the "best elite site" for online dating.[7] According to CBS New York, "Sparkology is by and large the most innovative and honest online dating experience out there."[8]

On March 26, 2013, Melissa Francis interviewed Furmansky about Sparkology on the Fox Business Network.[9]


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