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English: Contemporary skepticism (or scepticism) is loosely used to denote any questioning attitude, or some degree of doubt regarding claims that are elsewhere taken for granted.

ar:شكوكية az:Skeptisizm bg:Скептицизъм br:Amgredoni ca:Escepticisme cs:Skepticismus da:Skepticisme de:Skeptizismus en:Skepticism eo:Metodologia Dubo es:Escepticismo et:Skeptitsism eu:Eszeptizismo fa:شک‌گرایی fi:Skeptismi fr:Scepticisme (philosophie) gl:Escepticismo he:ספקנות hi:संशयवाद hr:Skepticizam hu:Szkepticizmus ia:Scepticismo id:Skeptisisme is:Efahyggja it:Scetticismo metodologico ja:懐疑主義 kk:Скептицизм ko:회의주의 la:Scepticismus nl:Scepticisme no:Skeptisisme oc:Scepticisme pl:Sceptycyzm pt:Ceticismo ro:Scepticism ru:Скептицизм sh:Skepticizam simple:Skepticism sk:Skepticizmus (filozofia) sl:Skepticizem sq:Skepticizmi sr:Скептицизам sv:Skepticism ta:ஐயுறவியல் te:సంశయవాదం tr:Kuşkuculuk uk:Скептицизм ur:ارتیابیت uz:Skeptitsizm vi:Chủ nghĩa hoài nghi zh:怀疑论


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