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From Middle English welth, welthe, weolthe (happiness, prosperity), from Old English {{ang|*welþ}}, {{ang|*weleþu}}, from Proto-Germanic {{gem-pro|*waliþō||wealth}}.

Alternatively, possibly an alteration (due to similar words in -th: compare helth (health), derth (dearth)) of wele (wealth, well-being, weal), from Old English wela (wealth, prosperity), from Proto-Germanic {{gem-pro|*walô||well-being, prosperity}}, from Proto-Indo-European {{ine-pro|*wel-||good, best}}, equivalent to Template:Suffix. Cognate with [[weelde#|weelde]] (wealth), {{ Template:Nds/script |[[weelde#|weelde]]|face=term|lang=nds}} (wealth), Old High German welida, welitha (wealth). Related also to [[Wohl#|Wohl]] (welfare, well-being, weal), [[vel#|vel]] (weal, welfare), [[väl#|väl]] (well-being, weal). More at [[weal#|weal]], [[well#|well]].


Wealth (usually uncountable; plural [[Wealths#|Wealths]])
  1. Riches; valuable material possessions.
  2. A great amount; an abundance or plenty.
    She brings a wealth of knowledge to the project.
  3. (Articlesobsolete) Weal; welfare; prosperity; good; well-being; happiness; joy.


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