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About Wikilove

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A general introduction to all users to the first online collaborative cultural encyclopedia of love where people can make, express, share, know, spread and write love. Either out of the things they love or love-related information.

Wikilove, was founded by Alexis Maud'huy as a wedding gift for his wife to provide a free encyclopedia of love where all users will learn love and the types of emotional bond they have for all things. Also, bringing to all users a collaborative web based and free content wiki where they themselves will write and contribute articles about love that the people will read about and will know more of love and all references related thereto.

The idea was to provide an information about the diversity of love, of people's emotional bond and their related cultural references. In line with idea is the hope of spreading love that will inspire people to live love and love life as what have been felt by Alexis Maud'huy when he started the project. Furthermore, the initiative aims to be more specific to emotions, experiences and references of a specific kind of love making it a large references of articles, images, videos, books, quotes, arts, cultural information and more. Since, love is the most powerful of all emotions and that it encompasses all things.

Thus, every articles are generally categorized to the following question words of Who, What, How, When, Where and Which Medium.

Learn, Love and Laugh

In Wikilove and through its large growing pages related to love every users will know all the diversity of love. It will expound their emotional bond to someone, objects, places, moments and to all other things. As they know and experience such love they will further feel good and delighted by films, songs, books, quotes, paintings and many more. The same as a contributor will be excited to provide it in his or her Wikilove article.

In Wikilove the users will have the chance to know the references about their love interest, as well as it will help them to any situations they need in any moment of their lives.

What's inside the article

In providing information about love, Wikilove is dedicated to the principles of exploring all kinds of love, spreading love and develop emotional consciousness and intelligence to all users. In order to do so Wikilove encourages all users to know the following:

  • Diversity of love, are all that people felt and seen love to someone or people, gestures, crafts and passion, places and objects, or a specific moment in time. Like a romantic love between couples, maternal love or tenderness of a mother to her children, love for music or singing, love for beaches or how a little girl loves her teddy bear. So diverse and encompassing love to all things it is also experienced in many ways, in different places, in many cultures, at different times by people of all walks of life and of all pages.
  • Emotional bond, is the intimate relationship of people to someone, gestures, objects, places, and towards different things in common, class or distinct.
  • Cultural references, are the interesting and entertaining element of an article that people or users will find a cultural relevance of a particular scenes in films, songs, books, quotes or a visual art they will a be able to relate to and will either aid them or expound their emotions.

What you can do

There are many things you can do in Wikilove apart from learning one's love interest and contributing an article about love.

The users can browse for different emotions, virtues, gestures or people, relationship, places or objects to fill her curiosity why someone loves a particular person, passion, places, objects or some other things.

How to create an article

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To create an article a user must first sign up for an account located on the top right side of the homepage and then follow the steps and watch the videos in the Help videos page. After the few and simple steps the user can proceed to start creating an article by clicking below links.

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