Wikisaurus:grammatical mood

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Wikisaurus:grammatical mood



Sense: type of the relationship of a verb with reality and intent


12px mode. 12px mood. 12px grammatical mood.


12px cohortative. 12px commissive mood. 12px conditional. 12px conditional mood. 12px conjunctive. 12px conjunctive mode. 12px conjunctive mood. 12px declarative mood. 12px hortative. 12px imperative. 12px imperative mode. 12px imperative mood. 12px indicative. 12px indicative mode. 12px indicative mood. 12px infinitive. 12px infinitive mode. 12px jussive. 12px jussive mood. 12px optative. 12px optative mode. 12px optative mood. 12px potential mode. 12px prohibitive. 12px prohibitive mood. 12px subjunctive. 12px subjunctive mode. 12px subjunctive mood.

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